The Devil All the Time

The Devil All the Time ★★★★

Some people are born just so that they can be buried.

You won’t believe this but it’s true. In, The Devil All the Time, Haley Bennett marries Pennywise and they give birth to Spider-Man. And then Dudley Dursley impregnates Alice from Wonderland and they have a daughter. Then Dudley kills Alice with a screwdriver only to later on be shot in the head by John Connor! Meanwhile Pennywise and his wife and their dog Jack all die leaving Spider-Man and Alice’s daughter to be raised by Pennywise’s momma!
Years later, Edward Cullen also known as Batman strolls into town and starts perpetrating his wickedness and spreading his seed amongst an inappropriate age limit where young ladies are concerned. Then Spider-Man shoots Batman three times with a Lugar and the Winter Soldier comes after him!

Can you believe that?

Another way to word it would be to say that, the cast of, The Devil All The Time, is sterling and talent-filled to say the least. The film is beautifully shot and picturesque to look at. The narrative is bleak and horrid and hopeless and let’s hardly any light or goodness into it’s bituminous depictions of the worst parts of the human soul. I’ve seen worse but this film needs to be washed off of you immediately after viewing it. And you need to take two pills of something Disney just to glean any good sleep thereafter! 

It is stark, it is depraved and it is heart wrenchingly brutal. If there is any poetry and pulchritude to be harvested from the dark recesses of the wickedness we perpetrate, this movie captures that truth to perfection.

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