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  • Kiss of the Dragon

    Kiss of the Dragon

    Things I completely forgot happened in this movie:

    - A dude gets blown up after being thrown in a laundry chute and his bottom half falls back onto the floor. 

    - Mystikal’s “Shake Ya Ass” is played before that and I now realize it came out 18 years ago and I’m old. 

    - This came out one month after Swordfish, which I bought the soundtrack to, because like this movie, it had N.E.R.D.’s Lapdance on it. That song was everywhere…

  • Saving Silverman

    Saving Silverman

    Another one of those “shot in Vancouver, but takes place in Washington state” movies that I wish was just filmed in Seattle instead. The product placement in this is out of control, but I was happy to see Red Dog Beer on screen. 

    I used to watch every commentary track on DVDs when I bought them and the one thing I remember about this one is that Amanda Peet turned down a role in Pearl Harbor to appear in this instead.…

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  • Men in Black 3

    Men in Black 3

    This movie shouldn’t work. They started filming with only a first act, took a few months off and resumed shooting and it’s still leaps and bounds better than MiB II

    Tommy Lee Jones has been able to retain top billing in each movie even though he spends less time on screen in each one. But thankfully for this it worked, because we get Josh Brolin playing 29 year old Agent K in 1969 and it’s one of my favorite performances…

  • Norbit


    Eddie Griffin & Katt Williams are gold together, and the most I laughed during this was when they were on screen. 

    Rick Baker’s work was incredible. It’s a shame it was wasted on such a terrible movie.

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