Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman ★★

1st Watch - I’m so excited! This was the last trailer I programmed at work the night before being furloughed and it’s the one movie I’ve been wanting to watch more than any other 2020 release. 

2nd Watch - Well let’s make sure I really disliked it as much as I thought I did. Yep, I did. 

3rd Watch - Might as well make the most out of the 48 hour rental period. I’m grateful for my friends that paid for it. 

I’m guessing it was budgetary reasons, but why did Cassie only have photos of her & Nina when they were pre-teens? To avoid having to cast an actor as Nina and save money putting fake photos of them & Carey together? We know they were friends their entire lives, but only see the same 4 photos.

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