I, Tonya

I, Tonya ★★★

a watered down mckay and scorsese hybrid that lacks the uncurbed hilarity of the former and the technical equilibrium of the latter. i, tonya isn't necessarily a bad movie, nor is it a good one. while some no doubt find the big short's (i'm comparing these two because i, tonya is high-key a stylistic rip-off of the big short lol) indulgent coddling coupled with a quite serious and relevant point off-putting, all i can say is that at least it knows exactly what it's going for and makes no compromise in its technique, while i, tonya feels too often like a younger sibling trying to emulate an older one, with little to no success. strong performances from all parties are what really anchor this movie, but it seems as if the director didn't concur, and instead inserted a multitude of shoddy attempts at humor, poor editing choices, and above all, a very subtle sense of disrespect at the film's subject matter i just couldn't shake. my verdict—i, tonya is arbitrarily enjoyable, and while my three star rating might imply i would recommend it, i can't say i can. i need margot robbie in a bubble bath to explain the hype for this one.

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