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  • Decision to Leave
  • You've Got Mail
  • Bringing Up Baby

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  • About Dry Grasses

    About Dry Grasses


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    maybe the real dry grasses are the friends, colleagues, and children we took out our own frustrations on along the way

    turkish peter saarsgaard…hello

    great kid actors

    really incredible sense of place and view

    natural light interiors looking like paintings

    when he walks out into the soundstage me and the rest of my theatre all gasped

    as always watching a film from a new country and going deep on their politics/history wiki after

    a great, layered world to get sunk into

  • Drive-Away Dolls

    Drive-Away Dolls


    the conscious uncoupling of the Coen Brothers is going so well for me

    thank you tricia cooke for channeling the artistic energy generated by your very specific relationship into fargo x bottoms

    very gay, very fun

    geraldine is such a star! i love her

    margaret doing equal parts:
    -nicolas cage in raising arizona 
    -her mom in magic mike xxl
    -lisa gilroy’s elvis character on comedy bang bang

    it really works for me


    gosh it’s just so nice to see a comedy

    bill camp incredible

    “will no one save curlie?”

    “I can explain” in the newspaper so good

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  • RRR




    i wanna punch a tiger and fight every british person

  • Moon Man

    Moon Man


    went on a whim in a slow movie week for this one, shout out to the amc app

    really fun, warm, gripping throughout

    the kangaroo is a choice but i get it

    love a big action comedy that relies upon collective action and sacrifice for the greater good, thank you communism

    all the little moments feel very iannucci- precise & well-observed, but when it goes big it commits all the way 

    also an optimistic dystopia is really interesting to me