Beautiful Boy ★★★

my main problem with this was how poorly edited it was. as someone who has read and loved both books, it seems there was just so much material to work with, that they struggled in navigating that and it shows. also the music choices and their placement was just... abysmal? they took away from a lot of scenes instead of elevating them in some way.

with that being said, when it works (particularly the 3rd act), it works. beautiful boy answers the questions that no one is willing to ask. it shines an unapologetic light on the nature of addiction. what it means to say “i’m done for good” in one moment and in the next give in. brutal but absolutely essential.

addiction is a disease that transcends all boundaries — i have the highest respect for all who struggle with it. it takes remarkable courage and strength, every day, to keep it in check. in wake of mac miller’s death, i hope a much needed conversation is sparked in the way society treats and views those who suffer from addiction. end the negative stigma so we can help addicts help themselves. 

TLDR: read the books, although timothée is sublime.

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