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  • Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
  • Blade Runner
  • Raw
  • The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

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  • ThanksKilling

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles


  • The Son


  • Minority Report


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  • ThanksKilling


    My parents and I laughed so hard watching this. Not sure it would hold up on a second viewing without the endless surprises minute after minute, but what an hysterical ride. I still can't tell what the motivation behind the making of this was. None of the jokes land but that's precisely why it all works so well. What a phenomenon.

  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles



    We're gonna look back on this and laugh.

    It's not homerotic, it's not homophobic, it's somewhere in the sweet sensuous middle. "I like me."

    What a fucking cynic I was two years ago. This film is wondrously Life-affirming.

    John Hughes always wrote films that were so suggestive and mildly progressive without sacrificing accessibility.

    Del Griffith opens Neal Page's eyes to a world outside of boring stability. He's a hustler, a widower, a fat sack of pitiful annoying optimism. With…

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  • I'm Thinking of Ending Things

    I'm Thinking of Ending Things


    A mixed salad of ideas, the ingredients of which include gummy worms, Oreos, Cool Ranch Doritos, and Big Mac lettuce; that is to say, a tossed bunch of easily-digestible thoughts thrown together into a discordant mess. Every over-exaggerated scene (Toni Collette has never been worse), every moment of forced awkwardness, every Lynchian time skip; all add up to a hodgepodge of persistent existential dread, which might work if the overall film wasn't so lamely infatuated with itself.

    Kaufman knows how…

  • Jaws



    Hunger. America has an appetite problem. The greatest irony of Jaws is of course its zeitgeist-breaking influence -- the original summer blockbuster in all its exciting, sun-soaked glory. A film which examines the peculiar everyday political turmoil disregarding the greater good. Keeping up the image, so to speak. What has Hollywood come to in 2022? Marvel and Disney have sucked the Life out of the blockbuster; in 1975, Spielberg (almost literally) dissected humanism in folkloric fashion. Sunshiney though grim, an…