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This review may contain spoilers.

On this, the night of my fourth viewing of Uncut Gems, here’s a short list of moments/observations/details that I love about it:
- The 100k loan Howard took from Arno is most likely the money he uses to pay for the gem
- The moment where Julia gets a scene to herself walking back into the club
- How Julia has Howard saved on her phone as “Howie <3”
- How the movie never once pauses to explain the 8 different ways Howard is fucked because he won’t stop for a moment
- The realization upon rewatch that Howard doesn’t stop Demany from selling a watch to Garnett because of moral objection, but instead because he’s given the watches to a bunch of different people and doesn’t want Demany to find out
- The extra I in “Ii am already doing that”
- Phil’s eyes in the showroom when he decides he’s gonna kill Howard
- How Howard only says “I love you” to Julia after the bet hits
- The unspoken insulation that Dinah and Howard’s daughter have already talked about the impending divorce, which is why she’s so cold to him
- The fact that Arno can’t escape because of the magnets on the door still not working
- When Howard cheats to let his son win during Passover and still is very excited about it
- Trinidad James Cameo
- Wayne Diamond!!
- The way Arno walks toward Howard after Gooey leaves the auction
- The insert shot of Aaron smiling at Garnett bidding during the auction
- Idk a bunch of stuff. I fucking love this movie

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