Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★½

Best to Worst - 2019 Ranked

I desperately wanted to like Jojo Rabbit, so I'm thrilled I loved it as much as I did. From the opening moments, I knew I was onboard with Taika Waititi's brand of comedy which stems from the Wes Anderson vein, but makes it admittedly a bit more in-your-face than Anderson which could perhaps be overbearing in its quirk, but instead proves to be the perfect tone. The Holocaust and the Nazis are a tricky thing to make funny -- it's certainly not a task that I'd venture many people would like to tackle, but Waititi follows up his fantastic Thor: Ragnorak and What We Do in the Shadows with another winner.

Anchored by great performances from the absolutely charming Roman Griffin Davis (in his debut!), an emotionally resonant turn from Thomasin McKenzie, and a hilariously enjoyable Archie Yates as the friend everyone wants to have, coupled with Waititi's tight-rope balance take on Hitler (funny, yes, but also nasty when he needs to be) and Johansson's loving mother, Jojo Rabbit had me riveted to the screen the entire time -- even when Rebel Wilson and Sam Rockwell took their characters to the edge of being over-the-top.

Something about this one just clicked for me...perhaps, in part, because it's so different from the other Oscar-nominated films this year, but also because what unfolds is so amusing and yet emotionally captivating at the same time. This is the best Best Picture nominee this year.


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