The Last Black Man in San Francisco ★★★★★

Ayo. A word in the Nigerian language of the Yoruba people meaning "Joy." Ayo brought that joy to us all.

Through his love of film and filmmaking, Ayo was a man all his own. His photography and editing styles created beautiful portraits of the various beautiful people that he saw in this world. Do yourself a favor and look at every single thing on his Instagram (@salvadordarkie), it will move your world.

He introduced me to his favorite film, The Grand Budapest Hotel. He also introduced many of us to this film, which A24 would have otherwise let slip through the cracks. I would not have found this film if not for him, and that is the tip of the iceberg of his contributions to who we all are.

In my few conversations with Ayo, he showed the joy that his favorite films also radiate. Our world will not be the same without him in it.

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