365 Days ½

So the main gangster Massimo reminds me of a villain from the John Wick film series. In fact, I was like John Wick is going to take this guy out right? He’ll save this girl and then we can get John Wick and Laura making a connection.  Then we see them going on dog walks and dates. He learns how to love again and she in turn finds someone who has her as his top priority. Then he has to go to finish one last job to save them both. Is this movie just a prequel for John Wick 4? Or was this movie so boring and tasteless that I had to invent something I’m more excited for? Probably the later since John Wick *spoilers* never shows up. 

On a serious note: save your time. If you’re desperate for steamy scenes go to your preferred adult website. I watched this movie mainly for the cringe. And I got plenty of it. I’m sure You Tube reviewers are going to have an easy day of picking this trash apart. 

Watched on Netflix “regrettably”

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