Captain Marvel ★★★★½

is this my favorite marvel movie ever? no. they definitely skimped on the cgi (SERIOUSLY HOW DID THIS COMPANY ALSO CREATE INFINITY WAR? IM MAD) and the beginning was...well they did not do a good job with the beginning...BUT GODDAMMIT THIS MOVIE WAS FUCKING POWERFUL AND I CRIED

it pisses me off to NO FUCKING END that all these dudes are out here going off about how it's boring or has no story or is just FILLER for endgame like you get so many freaking superhero movies about MEN just SCREWING AROUND - NEWSFLASH! IRON MAN IS THE SAME MOVIE THREE TIMES! and yet once ONE WOMAN decides to become so powerful she can -redacted- YOU DECIDE the movie's boring and you couldn't possibly enjoy it - just because the woman doesn't show her boobs and she spends the whole movie rediscovering her identity and the platonic love her of her life. you have THE AUDACITY to try and take this movie from us when it is PERFECTLY GREAT! actually better than average!!!! this movie alone is better than most of the movies in phases 1&2 put together and you can say what you want but THAT'S THAT ON THAT

the soundtrack? incredible. the score? SHOWSTOPPING. the humor? TOP NOTCH. carol danvers? SHE COULD KILL ME AND I'D THANK HER! not to mention this movie features so many minority ladies - and it's all about friendship and being a woman and the fact that a WOMAN is going to be the person to defeat thanos???? POETIC CINEMA!!!!!!!!

there was legit a scene (you can guess which one) ((also i just realized it was like 3 scene, 3 separate times)) where i just sat there with my mouth wide open, tears crawling down my face because this WOMAN just DID THAT like they gave these powers to a GIRL!!! NOT THOR! NOT CAPTAIN AMERICA! CAROL FREAKING DANVERS!!!! and she gets to fight to "JUST A GIRL" BY NO DOUBT??? IMMIGRANT SONG IS QUAKING!!!!

i do think when i see it a second time the beginning will make more sense and the film will be better as a whole - but that's really my main critique aside from the cgi - it was just kinda confusing since most of the info is new & the timeline is weird. even though we have some familiar faces.

oh and we stan goose in this house that is all

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