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  • Sometimes a Great Notion

    Sometimes a Great Notion


    You know what’s an underrated film genre? Logging movies. Not Letterboxd logging, I mean movies about being a logger. Boy does Newman capture the awe and danger of the job/lifestyle, making you wonder how the actors and cameramen even got out of this film shoot alive. Toss in a delightfully sinister Henry Fonda, born-again Richard Jaeckel, level-headed fuck up Michael Sarrazin, and too manly to feel Newman himself — you got yourself a goddamn American film.

    Which is as flattering…

  • Greaser's Palace

    Greaser's Palace


    Embarrassed how long I had been putting this one off in fear I wouldn’t like it — of course I’d like this, it’s an irreverent acid western riffing on Christianity but without any sort of deep religious or philosophical commentary. Unless you want to count a comparison of the spiritually orgasmic experience of being touched by the Lord to that of finally taking one giant shit after days of constipation. Is this your card? Is this your card? Is this…

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  • Cemetery Man

    Cemetery Man


    Fuuuuccckkkkk still the greatest Dylan Dog movie without being Dylan Dog but like totally being Dylan Dog. This movie has it all: brilliant style, pure comic book framing (god I wish every film looked as dynamic as this), gratuitous necrophiliac nudity, a penis removal subplot, the most disgusting food and eating sequences, a Clockwork Orange homage murder sequence, a super cute skeleton, a bafflingly meta final twist, so so much nasty viscous drool and Rupert Everett looking fly as hell…

  • I Capture the Castle

    I Capture the Castle


    Surprisingly solid adaptation of the novel, if not a bit brief. What starts out as a slightly eccentric story winds up slightly shocking and then genuinely affecting. Really a story about the end of a girl’s childhood fantasies and the slow awakening of a much colder, complex and confusing adulthood. A string of disappointments passed on by one to the next; the dim of the glow after the magic of the first kiss has faded. Love is complex as hell…

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  • The Way We Were

    The Way We Were


    This isn't the story about people who drift apart because of politics, this is the story of a woman with convictions (whether you agree with them or not) and intelligence, and a wuss-ass (drop dead beautiful) white boy who has never had to care about or fight for anything in his life.

    They're initially attracted to each other because they each have something the other wishes they could possess. For Redford, Streisand represents the exciting world of fringe living, of…

  • Belladonna of Sadness

    Belladonna of Sadness

    Oh god, what a load of shit. The best I can say about this is that the illustration style is beautiful. Oh and if you ever wanted to see a clam go to town on a snail, or an alligator eat out a woman, this is the movie for you.

    This movie is for your penis, by your penis and about your penis. I'm having a very hard time seeing where anybody saw 'feminism' in this other than the weird…