Barbarian ★★★

Finally somebody made a horror movie about how post apocalyptic Detroit feels! (Though it looks much more like the 1990s - early 2000s Detroit than current Detroit which has been getting more and more tech-gentrified by the day.) Not that it’s really part of the plot, but it shoulda been. A lot shoulda been part of this plot — I’m not sure it fully understands the subtext it’s overtly trying to convey, quite frankly... what it lacks makes it obvious who wrote it. But, hey, at least it’s having fun doing it! 

First half scared the shit out of me (not hard to do) but I appreciated the structure of this which helped me ease out of my fight or flight mode. Can definitely see why that would piss others off.

UPDATE: I recorded a whole podcast about my thoughts if you wanna get spoilerific.

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