Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi ★★★½

Maybe in a month I’ll be like “eh fuck this” but right now having just come from the theater I can say I enjoyed this as much as I could for what it was. What is it? Overtly formulaic marketed Disney toy vehicle with a handful of good actors being underused. But that’s fine, it is what it is. 

I enjoyed all of the women in power in this one, even if they all felt kinda under used. Poe is such a flyfckboi bitch and Leia is definitely tappin that and I’m here for it. I enjoyed Laura Dern’s bad ass terrorist exit too. And Rose was a solid addition to the cast, enjoyed her zapping the shit outta Fin. 

Hated the porgs. Loved the crystal critters and those giant race dogs. Kylo Ren still a mopey bitch who IF he could just have a conversation and clear up some shit probably coulda saved a buncha lives but no ok just gonna throw a fit? Alrighty. Fin didn’t do much except slay my main girl Phasma which was a bummer. Poe, besides being a dumb bitch, was hot as hell and so I appreciated his screen time. Benicio del Toro was also a great addition and hopefully made it out alive. 

Pour one out for Admiral Akbar, VERY upsetting. Ok I think that’s all I have to say about this Star War. Maybe one stab at interpretation: a movie about killing your idols (literally and figuratively) in order to grow, how abuse of authority is inherent and perpetual as things grow larger, Poe is a mutionus fool but I’d still hit it. Did I mention Poe is a hott——

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