The Little Shop of Horrors ★★★½

Jewsploitation film. Is that a thing? Cause this is it. Seymour is quite literally a bootleg Jerry Lewis 1000000%. Between the name (which was the same as Jerry Lewis' movie debut role in My Friend Irma and used throughout his career along with Melvin other similarly schlubby names), the physical comedy, the noises and faces and accent and flaven, and one scene where they talk about "headache, neuritis and neuralgia" (ok Anacin commercials were fairly prominent in general but with everything else in mind, they were a main sponsor for the Martin & Lewis radio show)–I mean, my Jerry Lewis-dar was going off the charts for this entire film. One guy even quite literally gets Jerry Lewis'd to death when Seymour throws a rock to hit a bottle and hits a guy in the face instead, causing him to stumble onto train tracks.

Throw in supremely young Jack Nicholson practically orgasming on screen while getting painful dental work and ya got yourself a mess of a glorious little bizarre film here. I love how they did Audrey Jr, especially in the end. It's all so wackily skirting lightly antisemitic 'ethnic humor' that it's far from a scary movie, though at the same time it's honestly dark as hell.