Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★½

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The first time I watched this I watched it immediately after having seen the entire series and I had so many questions and here was Lynch's chance to wrap up the story. But instead, to my dismay, he went for a prequel that's covers all of the ground we already learned from the show but with slightly more detail than necessary and even MORE questions thrown in (re: Bowie and the other missing FBI agent).

So needless to say I was kinda pissed. What I remembered was a lot of screaming and some creepiness and that one amazing shot of the woman in the red dress. Gone was the sense of humor and the clever surrealism, instead it was just a gratuitous rehashing of info I didn't deem necessary. 

Cut to several years and one new Twin Peaks series later...I realized from the first four episodes that it would be more relevant to rewatch this, and since 2 hours is less of a commitment than marathoning and entire TV series I said ok fuck it, let's do this again. 

Yet to my surprise, this movie was totally transformed. With some distance from the show and no expectations I found myself really settling in and enjoy it. Now it became a movie about abuse, empathy and pain. Laura's abuse, Donna's empathy, and Cooper's pain — something he is experiencing in three timelines and still can't stop.

It also felt strangely less surreal and disjointed than I remembered, in fact it felt incredibly grounded and realer than the show ever dared to go. Laura isn't just The photograph of the beautiful homecoming queen that you see in the news, she's a living breathing and hurting person. Its easy to become numb to the murders we see on television and even on the news. Twin Peaks dealt with the grief of the fallout of those stories. Fire Walk With Me hammers home  that anguish of the life that existed before it was defined by a tragic and violent act.

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