Captain Marvel ★★½

Carol Danvers at the internet cafe is the new Tyra typing at her keyboard in Life Size.

I would say the first half of this is rough, if not flat out bad. It was aggressively confusing, sufferered from an inconsistent tone, the characters felt weak and seemed to lack any meaningful connections with one another, and the action sequences were just rather boring.

But as it went on, I finally started to feel myself enjoy it, as I desperately wanted to. The comedic bits (honestly the film’s strong suit) really do land, we get some genuine moments of emotion and humanity, the fight scenes become more exciting, and the cast’s charisma and chemistry really shine through.

Also, just very refreshing to see how Carol is an agent of change and force, never of someone else’s (even the audience’s) desire. While she’s not the best fleshed out character, she’s really not objectified at all or paired up romantically with anyone, which is kind of insane for a female protagonist in any genre. Her most important relationship is with another woman. I just wish we’d gotten to know her more, particularly pre-accident. 

And yeah, it’s frustrating because this could have been so much better, but you know what? Women are allowed to make and be the subject of fairly mediocre big budget studio films and have them be successful too. That’s true equality.

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