Carol ★★★★★

An all together aching and blistering experience (but in the best and most beautiful way). Strangely, this film almost feels like a part of me, I'm so connected and drawn to it. I'm always stunned that no how matter how many times I watch it I notice something new and special (whether in the performances, camera work, dialogue, setting, or costumes), and I come away loving it even more, which you'd think would be impossible.

I read the shooting script (it's free online) a few months ago and there are several really great scenes (including one with Abby and Therese before the trip and Carrie Brownstein making out with another woman) that tragically didn't make it into the film. This is my favorite bit of dialogue that was cut:

                THERESE (to Danny)
I can't - go. Back. To that place. Where you keep it all locked up... the sadness, shame... You let people down. You let yourself down. So you cry and you... hide and think - things, constantly, crazy things like if you stare at the phone long enough or - take a train and just... lurk... it could all...return.
And then one day the phone is just a phone. A train going to Jersey is just a train to Jersey. You stop crying and hiding. And you know your able to use things and throw them away. 

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