Lamb ★★★½

While the film doesn't quite justify its runtime with what feels like a bit of padding, and there are certain conflicts set up that get no real resolution, Lamb is still an incredibly atmospheric, beautifully shot film that takes its time with its both unsettling and strangely heartwarming story, juxtaposing its really crazy concept with a more mundane, somber slice of life story, and I think it blends the two quite well. I was thoroughly engaged throughout, even when it did start to drag a tad in a few scenes. It perhaps doesn't explore its themes to the fullest, and the story is a tad skeletal, but I think the camerawork, performances, and atmosphere make it a pretty engaging watch, with an ending that was a pleasant subversion. It's definitely going to be a divisive film, but it's one I can say I personally quite enjoyed.

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