Spotlight ★★★★½

I went into Spotlight with high expectations, and I was still surprised by how genuinely good it was. Taking a very controversial and quite sad subject, Spotlight highlights the decisions taken, without it ever feeling pretentious or manipulative. Across the board, everyone gives astonishing performances, with Ruffalo delivering one of the best of his career, as well as Keaton (though nothing can top Birdman :p.) However, acting isn't all that makes a film; The directing is splendid to look at, with no shots feeling considerably weaker than the other. Overall, Spotlight is one of the most fascinating films I have seen this year. It gives a very realistic approach to a heavy subject, while doing it justice. My only flaw though is that, towards the last act, another character is introduced by Rachel McAdam's character and he is then, in a sense, abandoned for the rest of the film. My final grade for Spotlight is an "A." Highly recommended.

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