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  • Godzilla vs. Kong

    Godzilla vs. Kong


    I just didn’t care for the story, and I don’t think the (admittedly awesome) final brawl saves the 1hr+ that preceded it. 

    Bring me more Bryan Tyree Henry though. I wanna see Paper Boi in headlines!

  • Malcolm & Marie

    Malcolm & Marie


    “I’m not even fucking close to done.”

    Bold of you to assume that you still have my interest. Undeniably well acted and there is some great back-and-forth dialogue found here but Malcolm and Marie tries shouting its message too thinly, if not obnoxiously.

  • Crash



    What the fuck was this trying to say exactly? Pompous and boring.

  • Suicide Squad

    Suicide Squad


    The opening 20 minutes to Suicide Squad are a mess; a string of character moments thrown together with barely any excuse for exposition, jumbled with over the top rock and pop songs. It wasn't until the characters actually joined together that I felt somewhat invested, and that's due to fairly strong chemistry together on screen. Will Smith and Margot Robbie steal the show, and Leto was a decent Joker for the time he was in. The action scenes were mostly…

  • Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four

    Fantastic Four‬ movie review. This movie is bad. It's not completely terrible, but it's bad. The first half hour makes you believe the film has plenty of potential and starts off intriguing, but once the team gets their powers, it just leads to more build up. I swear, this entire film is just setting up for another movie and makes it feel more like a pilot episode for a TV show. However, though it is mostly build up of the…