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This review may contain spoilers.

Director's Cut

I love the way Ari Aster crafts his stories: conflict, catastrophe, chaos—in that order. This is really a story about the suffering that ensues from experiencing your worst nightmare (in this case, the murder-suicide of Dani's parents and sister). How do you overcome such insurmountable tragedy? You don't.

After the incident, Dani's days are measured by the restlessness of her trauma, the intensity of her panic attacks, the vividness of her anxiety. (Sound familiar?) The pageantry and festivities are perfect visualizations of her illnesses. She's never cured—just consumed. "We grieve and celebrate," a cultist tells Dani. As if life is grief interspersed by moments of celebration.

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We're so lucky to get an extended cut of a movie like this released in theaters. One of the quickest (almost) 3 hours of my life.

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