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    A purportedly objective, morally suspect attempt to humanize a group of strangers who blithely deny other strangers their humanity from under the veil of anonymity… It starts out with a sociological approach that might have led to genuine insight, but it loses direction within its first thirty minutes. The film is unwilling to challenge its subjects’ life choices, seeing their decisions to wallow in self-pity as a fount of creativity instead of an indicator of their fundamental lack of imagination. Kind of gross, tbh.

  • Moffie



    A marked improvement over Hermanus’ Beauty, although to some degree the tendency to let his inexpressive lead’s blank face tell the story remains here. A few flashbacks fill in gaps that Kai Luke Brummer cannot, but ultimately this psychologizing impulse is the weakest aspect of this would-be Full Metal Jacket homage. Its subject matter, the forced consignment of a homosexual-leaning young man in Apartheid-era South Africa, is terrain that I can’t recall having seen before in a film which does make the director’s referentiality feel like an unnecessary crutch. Still, a tough-minded film that finds a way to intensify the already alienating effects of boot camp…

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  • Vertigo



    Hitchcock’s masterwork, better than any other, reminds us of two truisms of cinema: to look is to remember and to remember is to impose. The hypnotic spirals that haunt every facet of the visual design and even the trademark dolly zoom effect take us deeper into the image, to the point that it threatens to swallow us, much as the past threatens to engulf Scottie. Of course these geometrical chasms are metaphorically vaginal, making Vertigo the great masterpiece about sexual…

  • Interstellar



    2014: The Year We Remake Contact