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  • United States vs. Reality Winner

    United States vs. Reality Winner


    Mostly a summary of known information, this primarily works as a means of humanizing Winner, who was made into a boogeyman during the Trump era. The filmmakers do an excellent job of showing how her case was politicized unfairly, and even if you feel that she is guilty of a crime and deserving of punishment, they assert with almost inarguable force that she was failed by The Intercept_, the media at large, law enforcement, prosecutors, and politicians.

  • Alien on Stage

    Alien on Stage


    There were a lot of approaches that this documentary about an amateur theater production of Alien could have taken. An ersatz The Full Monty-style underdog story is probably one of the ones that would least appeal to me, personally. Charming, I suppose, but it feels like a squandered filmmaking opportunity.

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  • Vertigo



    Hitchcock’s masterwork, better than any other, reminds us of two truisms of cinema: to look is to remember and to remember is to impose. The hypnotic spirals that haunt every facet of the visual design and even the trademark dolly zoom effect take us deeper into the image, to the point that it threatens to swallow us, much as the past threatens to engulf Scottie. Of course these geometrical chasms are metaphorically vaginal, making Vertigo the great masterpiece about sexual…

  • Infinite Football

    Infinite Football


    A gentle reminder that Romanian New Wave filmmakers have given us several of the best comedies of recent years, Porumboiu’s sly documentary Infinite Foodball is a subtly profound and deeply ironic look at one sad sack’s attempts to funnel his life’s disappointments (a shin injury, a dull job, repeated failures to secure a work visa, etc…) into changes in the rules of soccer. An existential meditation in the guise of an episode of Nathan for You, this unique film sees…