Portrait of a Lady on Fire

Portrait of a Lady on Fire ★★★★½

what else can I say, especially 8 months after everyone was talking about this movie? I mean it's so good. i cried a lot at the ending. god. But here's the cherry on top: it seems like it’s informed a lot by John Berger, who is literally the only art critic i know about. How did I get so lucky--Not only did I get to cry, enjoy this beautiful film, etc, but I got to pat myself on the back for knowing a smart art reference. Whole time I'm thinking "ah yes...the female gaze...the subject watches herself being watched.... ...it's all so berger-esque.. it's right out of Ways of Seeing" like I'm some kind of art genius. Apparently getting validation from myself wasn't enough tho because after the movie was over I immediately googled "portrait of a lady on fire John Berger" to confirm it's something smart critics have referenced in their reviews. Anyway long story short, a couple smart critics have definitely referenced it in their reviews, but not so many that it made me feel like it was some kind of awesome pull or anything.

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