Captain Marvel ★★

Sometimes when it comes to film you want to be proved wrong, when you see a trailer for a movie that just doesn’t look good but you really want to be proved wrong because at the same time the movie could have some high potential....sadly this isn’t the movie. This is definitely one of the weakest movies in the MCU In awhile, the movie is a huge step down from the last couple movies in almost every single way. I’ll start with what I liked....well I liked the Stan Lee tribute, the two end credit scenes, Goose the Cat (who’s seriously the best actor in the movie),  some parts of the third act and I did think Brie Larson and Samuel L Jackson tried their best with a terrible script. Everything else about the movie was a complete and total mess, I understand what they were trying to do with the story but good lord was the execution not well done. It felt like the writers had a very short time limit and just threw random ideas in the movie and just went with it, the movie is also very predictable..the twist has been done before in other movies and it’s been done far better as well. As I said earlier the writing was terrible, again this movie brings back that terrible Marvel humor that is just so painful to listen to and it’s clearly trying desperately to get a laugh. Sure there were some moments that were actually funny but nothing flat out hilarious. The characters unfortunately are just not good this time around, Nick Fury is always great to see he was at his best with scenes with Goose The Cat. Captain Marvel or Carol is unfortunately not a well developed or interesting character, which I partly saw coming. The problem with Captain Marvel is she is basically Marvel’s Superman where she is practically invincible, she comes off bland and feels like a Mary Sue for most of the movie. Which is a huge problem because then that shows the character has no flaws at all and can’t be relatable. Look at Batman or Spider-Man they have their weaknesses and flaws which is part of the reason why they are such great characters. Captain Marvel on the other hand is just not an interesting character, now I’m not saying that all characters who are overpowered are bland. Because that’s not true some other characters actually have a backstory and still manage to have weaknesses. That just doesn’t seem to be the case here, anyway the villains of this movie were some of the worst that has ever come out of the MCU. They are extremely forgettable, not well written and not interesting. Overall Captain Marvel is a huge mess, there are some parts to be enjoyed as I said before. But this seriously could have been a lot better..

4/10 D+

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