Red Joan

I’m sorry but what was this? This movie has so many problems it’s not even funny, so to save time (trust me this movie is not worth getting into) I’ll quickly go through them and tell why this is a mess. First off Judi Dench is criminally underused she’s in the movie for a total of 12 minutes...the rest of the movie is told in flashbacks, Sophie Cookson is trying her best with such a lazy script but it’s not working here. The movie feels like a Wikipedia page, there isn’t anything new or insightful about it. All of this for anyone who knows the topic of the movie is common knowledge that can be literally be read on a Wikipedia page. Lastly the movie itself is just downright awful, from the acting, writing, filming it just feels like there was absolutely no effort put into it. I can now definitely see why this movie got such bad reviews it’s very uninteresting, which shouldn’t happen because the actual topic itself is interesting this movie somehow made it uninteresting. It feels like this was a made for TV special on the history channel but then somehow got in limited theaters and VOD how that happened I will never know, but what I do know is that this movie is horrible and should be avoided.

1/10 F

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