Suspiria ★★★★★

Where to begin with this masterpiece of a film? Well let’s start at the beginning, this movie was planned for a VERY long time, at one point some people doubted it was even going to come out or it was just going to be some VOD release (for awhile I thought it was going to be shoved on to VOD) but that all changed when one director that nobody expected would take the challenge of tackling something so beloved. The 1977 film of the same name is an absolute masterpiece it’s one of my favorite films of all time and still holds up to this very day. So who was this director who decided to take on this challenge? It was Luca Guadagnino the man behind Call Me By Your Name (one of my favorites of 2017) when he was announced to direct this film I knew immediately this guy was going to do this film justice. Not only did he do this film justice but he perfected it, this is going to be a SPOILER FREE REVIEW so don’t worry! Anyway let’s start with the performances, Dakota Johnson is absolutely incredible, I feel like people are going to quickly dismiss her just because she was in Fifty Shades Of Grey. Which yes she was but trust me when I say she was perfect in this film, I felt every emotion from her and she gave a ton of strong moments in this film. Mia Goth also did fantastic in the film (I’ve always been a fan of hers) she really delivers, Tilda Swinton gives three performances in the film one of them being a old man, she she can really act, I really hope she gets some type of nomination because wow was her performances powerful. The writing was really strong and had a lot pretty surprising moments as well it also leaves to some quite shocking scenes which I’ll get to in a minute, the cinematography was beautiful and definitely what I expected from this film. Where as the original had a more colorful aspect to it this one had a “winterish and bleak” aspect which really works for this film it gives the film a unique style which I really appreciate. The shocking scenes in this movie were absolutely well done, the movie gets very insane and suspenseful especially towards the end (the camerawork during the final act is seriously some of the best I’ve seen this year.) but perhaps what I loved most about this movie is how Luca Guadagnino took the original movie and made it his own, it’s not just another remake that directly copies the original. You actually feel Guadagnino wants to make his own story but be respectful to the original film at the same time. Which I highly respect when a director does that, it just shows how original they want to be. Guadagnino also brings in this atmosphere that is absolutely terrifying, you never know what’s going to happen next plus the movie has this disturbing feel to it which will really get under your skin by the end of the film. Overall I’m going to end here because I really want you guys to have the full experience but overall Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria is a masterpiece of a film, it’s a horror film that will truly terrify you from beginning to end. Not only is it one of the best films of the year but it’s one of the best films of the decade, I highly recommend giving this one a watch you won’t regret it at all! I’m really looking forward to see what Luca Guadagnino has in store for the future! 

In My All Time Favorites A+

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