• Scream



    It’s quite amazing to me how constantly good The Scream franchise is. The first film is a classic, the second is a very solid sequel, the third movie is actually not as bad as I remembered it’s a flawed but fun film. The fourth film is one of my favorite films from the 2010s. Scream (2022) is a love letter to the franchise in the best way possible, for starters there’s tons and tons of references from the past films…

  • The Royal Treatment

    The Royal Treatment

    Why did I watch this? Who knows…yet another trashy Netflix romantic comedy that gives me nothing to work with to warrant a full review…excellent. Terrible acting and writing, a few so bad it’s hilarious moments but not enough to save the movie. 

    The Royal Treatment is available on Netflix 

    1/10 F

  • The Tragedy of Macbeth

    The Tragedy of Macbeth


    The Tragedy Of MacBeth is the final 2021 I’m reviewing before I start finalizing my Top 100 Best Films Of 2021 list, so was the best saved for last? Well definitely one of the best, The Tragedy Of MacBeth is the first film that’s directed by one of the Coen Brothers (in this case Joel Coen) without the other’s involvement. Seeing this immediately got me interested plus I’m a huge fan of the source material itself. This new take is…

  • Cyrano



    Cyrano is definitely an interesting case, there’s a lot to this movie than I originally thought before going into it. I still am very undecided if it succeeded in every category perhaps another watch is needed but for now I feel confident in saying that I liked it for what it was. The strongest parts about it are by far the acting from Peter Dinklage, Haley Bennett and Kelvin Harrison Jr. all of which give fantastic performances and have a…

  • Hotel Transylvania: Transformania

    Hotel Transylvania: Transformania


    What do you want me to say here exactly? This is the fourth Hotel Transylvania movie which is actually very hard to believe. There are some differences this time around although they don’t benefit the movie. For starters Adam Sandler is no longer voicing Dracula it’s Brian Hull who is a Youtuber and I will give him credit. He did the absolute best he could with the script and with his role voicing Dracula. There are definitely times where I…

  • Sex Appeal

    Sex Appeal


    I have to give Sex Appeal credit where credit is due, I do like that it tried to do a few things differently for the sex comedy genre that does start to repeat itself when you look at the library of movies. One of the two things being the sex scenes themselves, the movie cuts away and brings the viewer into Avery’s  (played by Mika Abdalla) imagination, each of these scenes are colorful, well detailed and bizarre to where it…

  • Brazen


    Brazen is the very definition of a movie that tries way too hard, it tries to build this mystery but completely forgets how to not make it so predictable that you will guess correctly within a few minutes into the movie. Alyssa Milano already gives  the worst performance so far this year, it doesn’t help that the writing is embarrassingly bad. It only makes sense to get a director who’s specialty is Hallmark movies yet this somehow ended up on…

  • Borrego



    Borrego is about as generic as a thriller can get, the acting is overall pretty okay which is mainly due to Lucy Hale. The filming and music are surprisingly pretty okay both mix in pretty well with the location. However the movie plays exactly how you think it’s going to and the writing just isn’t strong enough to make this something worth watching. 

    Borrego is available on all VOD Platforms! 

    5/10 C

  • The Curse of La Patasola

    The Curse of La Patasola

    Points for not being La Llorona but does that really matter when the movie itself is awful? The writing is horrendous and for some bizarre reason has this scene where the characters debate about feminism. The first half of this movie is something you would see on LifeTime and the other half is barely horror. 

    The Curse Of La Patasola is available on all VOD Platforms! 

    1/10 F

  • Arctic Void

    Arctic Void


    Yeah this movie is void of anything to say about it. Some of the shots looked okay I guess? 

    Arctic Void is available on all VOD Platforms! 

    3/10 D-

  • Amityville Uprising

    Amityville Uprising

    Not even sure why I bothered, I haven’t seen some of the last few Amityville movies. Maybe I was hoping they got better but definitely not the case here. 

    Amityville Uprising is available on all VOD platforms.

    1/10 F

  • American Siege

    American Siege

    Because why not start the year with another terrible Bruce Willis movie? American Siege is by the same director as a previous Bruce Willis movie Cosmic Sin, you know the one that’s in space? Well this one returns to earth and is in Georgia now, it’s still the same old crap that’s to be expected with Willis’s career. This one felt even cheaper than the last couple movies which let me tell you is a huge accomplishment, the acting is…