Enola Holmes ★★★

I have not read the novel. From my
light research, this is a origin story that tosses in the actual mystery of featured in the first novel in “The Enola Holmes Mysteries” series. I had no expectations for this film going in. I enjoyed it. Didn’t love it, didn’t hate it. 

Sam Claflin was okay as Mycroft. I’ve certainly seen better performances from him. He was not at all convincing as the older brother to Henry Cavill, who is in fact 3 years older than Sam. They can dress/frump him up all they want but he’s still such a baby face. Also they wrote him obnoxiously as the poster child of toxic masculinity and it never landed. It was clunky and eye roll inducing. In nearly every iteration, Mycroft always is dbag and or a stick in the mud...but this was annoying and unbelievable. 

Henry Cavill...mister Superman himself is the real surprise here. I don’t think anyone (including me) expected him to be half as good a Sherlock as he was in this. I would honestly enjoy watching another movie starring him, and Enola. I’d prefer him to be the primary focus, but I would take another Enola focused movie, if he would tag along for more of the adventure. He doesn’t have to be the male hero in it either, Enola can lead. I just really liked his take on Sherlock and his chemistry with Millie in this. 

Millie Millie Bo Billie...she was good in this. I’m ready for her to branch out beyond Stranger Things and this is a good first step, especially working with such great actors. I know she was in Godzilla but ironically this is a much bigger deal than that monster. She is the lead and has to command our attention. She had to shine with (maybe even above) her cast and she did a good job. I think I have more issues with the writing than with her acting. I’m not sure I liked the talking to the camera bit through the WHOLE thing...it was playful like Ferris & Deadpool, but it wasn’t as funny as either, and seemed often to be redundant. 

The conversational close up shots didn’t always seem to transition cohesively to whatever the next wide or medium shot was. *shrug*

Some of the scenes near the end were almost Game of Thrones “too dark” where we could barely see the main action. 

Most of the color grade in the film as well as the music really matches the tone they envisioned for this family Holmes adventure. 

Shout out to Aunt Petunia played by Fiona Shaw for laying the groundwork for a Sherlock Holmes + Harry Potter crossover! She really is basically the same character, just in charge of a boarding school. (AND you’ve also got Helena already in it, and the trains/carriages were all the same make and models as the one in HP: The engine is a GWR 4900 Class 5972 Olton Hall. #funfact #imdbtrivia)

Overall another positive romp to add to the “chin up and smile a bit” movie shelf that we’ve built to combat 2020...as long as you can stomach the often overbearing political vote stuff...the timing of this release is not subtle, even if anyone claims it’s a coincidence. 

P.S. Are we bringing “nincompoop” back? 😅🤪

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