The Florida Project

The Florida Project ★★★★★

the most raw, unfiltered depiction of childhood innocence juxtaposed to the reality of poverty stricken adulthood. this film is so honest, it aches. 

first off, the cinematography is gorgeous, the colors and locations capturing the saccharine superficiality of orlando perfectly. i also loved the fluidity of the camera and how not once are the kids looked down upon, either figuratively by the characters or physically by the camera. we see conflict happen both through the eyes of the struggling adults and the innocent naivety of the kids. 

brooklyn prince and willem dafoe’s performances in particular were standouts to me, there was something really unhesitant and visceral about all of the actors, it almost felt like watching a documentary. i genuinely felt and cared for these characters as if they were real and tangible people, it’s almost shocking that they aren’t. 

overall this film grasped me in a way i didn’t think it would. such an honest illustration of childhood we can all relate to, while capturing the prevalent problem of poverty in america that some of us fortunately cannot. i could go on and on...i think i’ll be thinking about this gem for awhile

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