things are just as they seem
only more so--

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  • The Magic Flute
  • The Godfather: Part II
  • Funny Games
  • Hail Mary

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  • Fear Street: 1978


  • Quantum of Solace


  • Die Another Day


  • Casino Royale


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  • Island of Lost Souls

    Island of Lost Souls


    through the interplay of 'real' bars and the shadow lines of Karl Struss's brilliant cinematography, the movie outlines the way in which the cage creates the animal, and finds that true civilizing power lies in emancipation, far beyond any book

    a great performance here by Charles Laughton, as the doomed sadomasochistic pervert Dr Moreau, who tries desperately to prop up the law in spite of his punishing intellect

  • Empire of Dust

    Empire of Dust


    Chinese: So do you have gravel?
    Congolese: How much do you need?
    Chinese: I don't know.
    Congolese: It's x amount per m3
    Chinese: I don't have any money
    Congolese: Well, I don't know
    Chinese: Well why did I come down here?! these Africans don't know anything!