Cry Macho

Cry Macho ★★★½

Clint’s remake of CENTRAL STATION, hobbled by a not that great supporting performance by the kid, but I’ve come to accept the Afterschool Special vibe to some of Late Style Clint offerings (GRAN TORINO, THE 15:17 TO PARIS), and enjoyed just vibin with Clint and the boys down Mexico way. Clint talks to animals a lot, reminded me of him yelling at the chair at the RNC, just riffin’ with roosters and pigs, like he was reclaiming why some libs are still mad at him and putting it organically into his art.

Really got into a groove during the long second act stretch in the small town. I could have watched a whole movie of that. When Clint cried, I cried.

I also teared up when the señora who is, for some reason, in love with an elderly man, brings them breakfast and walks away. In my head I heard Clint’s voice from IN THE LINE OF FIRE saying “If she looks back, that means she’s interested.” And then she looks back. God Clint.

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