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To Start this Film review I logged my thoughts & feelings every hour:

Hour 1:
Really pretty & interesting so far, I am already interested in some plot points that hopefully comeback around 

Hour 2: 
The plot points are getting more detail! I’m invested to see how some of these unfold. I love the shots of people just walking when it’s super windy 

Half way through Hour 3: 
Had to skip a pretty disturbing scene but I definitely am enjoying it as it goes along. I stopped through and will watch the rest tomorrow 

Hour 3: 
Wow! Only 7 minutes in from where I paused and one of the most gripping scenes I’ve ever experienced in film so far happened. I am fully invested now, I absolutely love this so far I just feel it will only get better. 

Hour 4: 
It almost feels like the story is coming to an end so I’m curious to see how the last 2 hours will be. Non the less I still love this film a lot 

Hour 5: 
Definitely the most bored I’ve been throughout the watch. Still interesting enough to keep my attention. But still kind of bored. Hopefully this last hour and 19 minutes gives me good feeling towards the end 

Final thoughts: 
Wow! I am surprised not only because I finished a fucking 7 hour film! But also just how incredible this experience was. I absolutely loved this film, let’s get that out of the way first. I can’t say I would change anything, I think it’s so intricately detailed in such a personal, beautiful way, it could never be changed. Even the most boring sections still held my attention. I can’t really put into words how much this film as taught me not only about patience, this film test patience like no other, but as a filmmaker. I will look back at this film, remember the pauses in dialogue, the long takes, the way this film does not rush, but let’s things stay as they are, and let them unfold. That is life after all, it unfolds, & no matter how much a person rushes it, the life around them, the sounds they here, the things they see, will never rush their time, but only stay we long as they need to.

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