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  • Black Holler

    Black Holler


    UPDATE, 8/6/20: No longer on Amazon Prime, but we have a good announcement coming soon :)

    UPDATE, 5/26/19 - "Black Holler" won Best Feature Film at the Crimson Screen Horror Fest!

    UPDATE, 5/5/19 - The Crimson Screen Horror Fest has nominated Black Holler for SIX awards: Best Picture, Best Director (Jason Berg), Best Original Screenplay (Heidi Ervin, Rachel Ward Heggen and Jason Berg), Best Special Effects (Lance Allen and Brad Edwards), Best Actress (Tamiko Robinson-Steele) and Best Actor (me!). Very…

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  • An Evening With Tim Heidecker

    An Evening With Tim Heidecker


    A deliberately "bad" standup special which mocks standup cliches...I guess this is supposed to be unique but I've seen stuff like this for decades. Eh.

  • Devil Times Five

    Devil Times Five


    Checked this out on Tubi (where it's called THE HORRIBLE HOUSE ON THE HILL, one of its numerous alternate titles) after reading Tarantino's recommendation in EW, and found this about 60% dull, with the rest of it thoroughly bonkers. Long stretches left me cold, but it's still frequently disturbing.

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  • Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

    Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World


    In my preferred universe, this movie made a billion dollars and has a dozen sequels and there's a Lil' Master prequel cartoon and kids would yearn to grow up to be naval commanders. Instead it didn't even make $100 mil in the US and they haven't made another one. Bah.

  • Under the Skin

    Under the Skin


    Some of the most remarkable imagery I've ever seen, and I was antsy about an hour in. Fascinating and frustrating in equal measure. Jonathan Glazer is a genius, and I'll probably never see any of his films twice.