Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ★★★★

TIFF 2019: FILM #6

Shocked at the mixed reaction this film is getting online. It's silly and there are certainly some overly saccharine moments, but overall this is a charmer. The audience went WILD for it this morning and the standing ovation made Taika - who was in attendance - shed a tear. My bet is that it wins People's Choice.

The film itself reminds me a lot of Roberto Benigni's Life is Beautiful by way of Wes Anderson, but Taika manages to give us a world all his own and injects his humour and style fittingly. If you saw this film and didn't laugh once, you have a cold, cold heart.

Roman Griffin Davis is the best child actor that has burst onto the screen since Jacob Tremblay a few years ago. His performance here is absolutely wonderful. Speaking of performances, Scarlett Johansson is MVP and gives a funny, warm, and affecting performance that I just fell head over heels for.

You'll DEFINITELY be hearing more of this film in the coming months - it's going to be a huge, huge hit.

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