Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

The last two films I came out with my heart full full full full full. This those two films they had only known each other for 2 days over a 10 year span.

We come back to them knowing each other every day for 9 whole years, and we finally get to see the real Jesse and Celine. At first it is a little shocking, like realising that your parents are real people. And then it is beautiful as you see that there is love even in the middle of doubt, frustration.

I am not shocked that they are here, their connection has always worked in a sense of friction, of fantasy. If we meet them again I will not be surprised for it to be the first time seeing each other in a while; but then I will also not be surprised to see them still together. They are testing each other here, testing that bond, testing to see if they can continue for the next 56 years.

This is the first real review that I have written for this trilogy—the other two have been exclamations of feelings, because I never wanted to dig deeper with those first two. This film is the first time we are invited to see them as real solid human beings that while we know deeply, they are no longer trying to impress us or rather each other.

NOTE: I am really glad I spaced out viewing these films, they deserve breathing room from each other.

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