The Nice Guys

The Nice Guys ★★★★½

“Sweetie, what did I tell you? Don’t say, and stuff. Just say, dad there are whores here.”
— Holland March, The Nice Guys (2016)

It is nice to watch a well-made film every so often, and The Nice Guys is a well-made film. Set in 1977 L.A. when Detroit was still a piston driven city, mustard & beige were popular colours, and porn was king—well I guess it still is king.

I was happily surprised at the chemistry between the two protagonists—Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe), and Holland March (Ryan Gosling). They made a great team, but that doesn't mean the team was by any means perfect. The other interesting dynamic came from March's daughter Holly (Angourie Rice) who added a mix of unusual intelligence, wit, and know-how from such a young girl. It is almost uncomfortable how useful she is to the plot.

The film sets itself up with a mystery around the death of porn star Misty Mountains (Murielle Telio) and how it connects to a much larger conspiracy that unravels through Healy and Holland's investigation. They team up when they find a connection of a young woman—Amelia Kuttner (Margaret Qualley) in their own private investigations.

As they delve deeper the more the unravel the true meaning behind the particular reasons behind several deaths within the porn industry and how it all connects back to Misty Mountain, Amelia Kuttner, and somehow Detroit.

Solid film, thoroughly enjoyable, and has relit my liking for Russell Crowe's acting abilities.

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