Thelma ★★★★½

Like Tears in Rain

“A little knowledge doesn’t make us better than others.”
— Trond, Thelma (2017)

Beautiful and intense from start to finish. Trier is one of this eras greats and he is not stopping anytime soon. All your empathy is sown into the fabric of Thelma (Eili Harboe), and with that empathy comes true unease as you recoil yet spin back toward our protagonist. She enraptures you without trying and that is her most pure strength. To start the film with her father (Henrik Rafaelsen) pointing a rifle at her head is brutal...but then you keep watching.

The rhythm of this film is so alluring, enticing, for reasons you cannot pin down. The air of suspense is rich and thick without bashing you over the head. The mystery is almost an undercurrent while you swoon into the quiet life of Thelma as she dreamily navigates her way through her days with an almost drugged out blurred vision of her surroundings. The camera loves Harboe's face with her shy gaze yet intense wonder. The chemistry between Thelma and Anja (Kaya Wilkins) bleeds off the screen while her relationship with her parents, especially her dad ranges between comfort and warmth, and uncertainty and distant.

A supernatural tale told evoked through emotion and study.

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