• The Brood

    The Brood


    An actual thunderstorm was raging during the third act and it made it so much better.

  • Kajillionaire



    In KAJILLIONAIRE, director Miranda July mines the forgotten recesses of the subconscious, in a way a surrealist would, to draw idiosyncratic characters and build an outlandish world. Nothing seems real at first until reality falls like a lump in the throat.


  • Blue Velvet

    Blue Velvet


    I wish I started my Lynchian journey with this. 

    But after being thrown in the deep end with Mulholland Drive, Eraserhead, and Twin Peaks, this felt like I was waddling in the shallow part of the pool.

    Watched as part of the David Lynch retrospective at the Ritz Cinemas. Criterion restoration. Beautiful, crisp. The blue, velvety tones were 👌🏽 

  • Orchestra Rehearsal

    Orchestra Rehearsal


    As an allegory: meh

    As a mockumentary: yes

    I could watch the cellists and violinists argue for another hour.

    The tubist needs his own movie and it should end with him playing a long Verdi solo.

    Watched as part of the Fellini retrospective at the Ritz Cinema to celebrate his centenary year. 

  • Women in Love

    Women in Love


    I’m going through an Oliver Reed phase. What a beautiful husky man.

    Next: The Brood

  • Du côté d'Orouët

    Du côté d'Orouët


    Chaotic Good.

  • Dune



    Another case of: did I watch the same movie as everyone else??

    This was so good. The set design and the costumes are remarkable and even the “bad” special effects makes this a fascinating filmmaking artefact from its time. The performances are faultless and the plot is so straightforward that it makes so much sense to me—I’m not sure why people were saying it was incomprehensible. And it’s David Lynch??

    Watched the restored original cut as part of the David Lynch retrospective at the Ritz Cinemas.

  • Terrified



    You know shit’s about to go down when the paranormal investigators start to get giddy.

  • Eraserhead



    Watching this in the cinemas was such a treat. From scatterings of "what the fucks" to stunned silences. Exactly how Lynch intended.

    side note: until now, I thought that was a young Will Ferrell on the poster.
    Watched as part of the David Lynch retrospective at the Ritz Cinema

  • Miss Juneteenth

    Miss Juneteenth


    MISS JUNETEETH has a languid energy, pulled off by a director who has the confidence to let the weight of the situation anchor the drama of each scene. The filmmaking isn’t showy. The characters are filmed from a purposive perspective and at just the right time to capture the expression or gesture needed to gently nudge the story forward.


  • The Devils

    The Devils



  • Opera



    lady in the opera audience:
    is this supposed to happen? is this part of the plot?

    me: same, lady. same.