The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

I think that you have seen something special when you just know it, I can’t really explain “The Grand Budapest Hotel,” but I know I love it and it moved me, the feeling of nostalgia for something gone, the feeling of been on a place that once was great struck me during the hour and 39 of runtime, the political ideas about the situation around us that we can’t control affecting us in the most absurd ways is also something I can’t really explain, but I know is there and it connects with me, I really wish to see this again, to feel what I just felt again, every shot could be a piece of art on it’s one, every shot is THE shot and I think that it is worth mentioning because it shows the care that was put into the film, love is not always straightforward, and that’s why I don’t think that I can’t put the film into words correctly because is really a piece that was conceive from love.

This is a really great mess that I have just wrote, and I don’t know if Even is a real review, but I think that it perfectly shows what this movie maybe feel, and I think that is an special film that like “The French Dispatch” (and I have to see more Wes Anderson films) made me feel admiration and just a strange feeling that I can’t even explain, but aren’t the best emotions those that you can’t explain?.

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