The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 ★★★★½

Aight, I know, bear with me here, before this rewatch I had this movie at 1½ stars, I literally thought that it was a complete and utter garbage of a movie, and I now can completely say, without stuttering, that I've never been more wrong in my life.

Something clicked with me from the very first scene, that scene of Spider-Man, swinging and saving the city, with that absolutely gorgeous score and amazing visuals, I thought that I was just having a fever dream and just expected the bad stuff to come, but the thing is that they never came, it was like I was watching a brand new movie, and I think that my main praise is that every criticism I had with the previous film is now completely gone: Gwen and Peter's relationship in the previous film felt unnatural and cringe, the scenes went on for way too long and they didn't really add a lot to the story, here they are the complete opposite, to the point where their relationship is more interesting than the main villain, and speaking of which, in the previous film the villain was not very good, it was kind of lame actually, but here you got Dane Dehaan's Harry Osborn, who I hated so much before I rewatched the movie, and now I think that he's even better than James Franco's Harry, apart from the design of course, that's still horrible, but the point is that his motivations make sense and are really compelling, it's really cool that Peter indirectly created the Green Goblin.

But besides that the movie just has moments that scream Spider-Man for me, again, that first scene is just perfect, the Spider-Man fighting crime montage is really cool, the final battle is excellent, it's just weird man, I used to hate this movie so much and now I'm in complete love with it, it's not perfect by any means, Electro sucks ass and Peter's parents plot can be erased and could actually make the movie better, but other than that the movie was just a blast! I could go on and on about more things that I liked, Peter, Aunt May, the ending (so amazing oh my god) and on and on, but I'm tired too, the point is that I'm now pro Andrew Garfield Spider-Man, I'm pro The Amazing Spider-Man 2, god 10 year old me would hate me, but goddamnit the movie even got me emotional at parts, I love it.

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