Martin ★★★★½

greetings from Cinema Wasteland yet again folks!
This was the October show celebrating Romeros Martin, it was a lot of fun and I've got some reviews for ya.

First up at 12 pm we watched The Son of Ghoul Three Stooges marathon, I've always really loved The Stooges since I was a kid. It was a full hour of fun times, my personal favorite was Pop Goes The Weasel.
This was my girlfriend Alyssas introduction to the stooges as well..Shes now a fan.
Was any of my Letterboxd pals there at Wasteland I'm curious to know!

Next up was the masterpiece Martin, my favorite George Romero film and one of my all time favorite vampire movies, after the film we were treated to a panel of Tom Savini, John Amplas, Christine Romero and a few more. It was worth the price of admission seeing these people discuss this film with such loving remembrance, easily my favorite part of Cinema Wasteland and the best film I saw the whole weekend. You'll understand why in a second.

Next up was Killer Cup 3D a French B horror comedy that was actually funny in places but it did what all low budget movies like this do, it focused on the humans far too much and they were not interesting enough to hold the picture. The scenes with the cups themselves was hilarious and very entertaining, just take out the human scenes and have a scene of just killer cups talking and killing people I would have been happy. I got a signed poster and memento 3D glasses though which was sweet.

Lastly was Sex Terrorist on Wheels a 70's style exploration film with a German director, it was a fun little romp I wouldn't recommend it to everyone because it's a little over the top with how it handles certain things. But I liked it, Wasteland was the world premiere and the actress who played the main villian and the director watched it with us. Always awesome to watch something with the creator themselves. I can't log this movie for some reason which blows!
I unfortunately am only going today, life got in the way but I loved my one day experience today I assure you.
Cinema Wasteland was a blast and I can't wait to go in April next year. They're celebrating Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things!

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