Scream ★★★★★

Scream is perfect.
I could watch it everyday and never get tired of it, I notice something new every time I watch it, the script is tight, the kills are brutal rightfully so, it never overstays its welcome, and it has just enough comedy to keep things flowing.
And the characters/performances are special. I couldn't see anyone else as Sydney Prescott or Gail Weather's.
And Stu Macher? Matthew Lilliard gives one of my favorite performances in any movie, he's hilariously inept but he's also a really good psycho.
Plus Scream has my favorite non killer character in any horror movie: Deputy Dewey, David Arquette gives an awkward but sweet and slightly childish but strong when he needs to be performance.
I like the sequels but they don't have the same vibe or spirit as the original that started it all.
That's why when I try to have a yearly marathon of the series, I'm always most excited for the first.
I'm always conflicted on whether or not I choose Nightmare on Elm Street or Scream as my favorite Craven epic.
It was fitting to watch this the day before the 4 year anniversary of Wes Cravens death.
I love you Scream and I love you Wes.

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