Friday the 13th Part III

Friday the 13th Part III ★★★½

All I remembered of this entry before this rewatch was one shot of a guy poking a linen prop in the camera. I was surprised as to just how much of this there was and it gets old a little fast. I'm sure it didn't even look good in 3D. The film though was something of a surprise. It has some of the most likable character of the series so far with Shelly being something of a stand out as a chubby guy that's down on himself. I would have liked to have seen him get a little bit of action before he was killed though. The Asian girl was very cute here too. There are some nice kills. I liked the harpoon to the eye and really enjoyed the hot machete that goes right through one girls stomach. The head squeezing scene looked pretty bad though. The fake head doesn't look good and the eye popping out even worse though it is kind of fun to watch.
Jason finally dons the hockey mask and isn't as much of a pussy in this one. It's cool that such a recognisable horror villain had a different look than the one everyone associates him with, but I'm glad he's at that recognisable stage in the series here as it is such a great look.
I had a really good time with this film and may actually like it a little more than the first two film though they are all a little similar with the camp setting and all, but it works and it's what the series is all about.

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