Jojo Rabbit

Jojo Rabbit ½

The least funny person you know has made a slapstick comedy; like a high school quarterback who has returned from summer break having devoured every Wes Anderson film while consuming only Rockstar Energy Drinks, understanding nothing of what he has seen and he has made a comedy of his own, where the jokes come flying at you like that YouTube clip of The Big Bang Theory without a laugh track. 20 minutes in I wanted to turn this off and watch literally anything else, perhaps be dead, even, but I persisted, because I'm an idiot, an absolute fucking imbecile. People are debating the politics of this movie and whether it should even exist and what is wrong with you people? How dare you give this movie any semblance of intellectual discourse. David Bowie's Heroes swells for all of us who finished this movie. We did it.

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