Marriage Story

Marriage Story ★★★★★

Baumbach's touch as a writer and director is wonderful. He understands the right balance between heartbreaking drama and those randomly clever and laugh out loud moments of comedy. There is a timing that can not be taught, but just learned over a long career of doing this through out his work. And it helps when the two performances given by his leads are tremendous. Driver is incredible and is deserving of not just an oscar nomination, but the award itself. And Johansson is equally as brilliant too. She brings so much that I couldn't even imagine in the tiniest of looks and glares that really show her triumph as an actor. And there is a wonderful score by Randy Newman here that whenever it came in just let me smile with how beautiful this marriage is and was. Its just a story of a marriage in the way where this film is just about two people who were together and what made them work and why they aren't together. Its a brilliant film that tackles loves through the best and worst of times and shows us coming out the toher side in a way that many films just don't.

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