Lady Bird ★★★★★

this thanksgiving weekend i went home and had a really really long talk with my mom about college life and fun things i did and my depression and just everything really. and before she left she gave me this pendant and she told me to look at it and hold it whenever i feel stressed or anxious, because it should make me feel better and if anything it'll at least remind me that she'll always be there for me. she's the best person ever and i love her so much and i really don't deserve her. so naturally i thought of her throughout this entire movie, which was so authentic and genuine and lovely and i just felt all the emotions and my heart was so so full. and the after it ended my friend and i just sat outside the building and talked about families and hometowns and college. so yeah give miss greta gerwig your coins !! because she deserves it for crafting something so wonderful.

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