Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★½

I would happily watch 18 more of these Before films. Jesse and Celine are two of the most honest, intriguing, and quirky characters to ever be captured on film. The writing is incredible and the acting, oh man, the acting is fantastic. It was hard to watch at times, simply because of how much I care for these characters and how relatable their situations are. I would say that this is the weakest installment of the three, but that would be a disservice to how amazing Midnight still is. I love every one of them. The first one is pure elation throughout. The second one is incredibly romantic and satisfying, with one of the greatest endings in cinematic history. And the third one takes Jesse and Celine exactly where they have to go. Alright what the hell was I thinking, Midnight is in no way the weakest. I love them all equally.I mean even though it's hard to watch at times, you know these two truly love each other and they're working through their issues just like any couple has to. If you haven't seen these movies yet, I highly recommend you do so. Go rent or buy them. Right now.

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