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  • Brotherhood of the Wolf

    Brotherhood of the Wolf


    Who knew the Mohawks invented Kung Fu?

  • The Dunwich Horror

    The Dunwich Horror


    Had never heard of this until it popped up on Shudder. Neat little HPL adaptation. Does go nearly hard enough for an HPL adaptation, but it does what it can with what it has.

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  • Barbarian



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    Hooptober9 2022 #19: Old Person/People killer

    Went to see this on a whim. Wasn't expecting to check a box on the Hooptober challenge. Pleasant surprise for me, unpleasant suprise for the characters in the film.

    Feral old people aside, the most terrifying part of the movie was when Tess discovered her AirBnB was double booked and then there was no TP in the bathroom. After that ordeal, the feral old mommy shit was a relief.

    Also, this executes some of…

  • Them!



    Hooptober9 2022 #7: Bug movie (1/2); Decade: '50s (4/6)

    - probably the platonic ideal of the '50s giant bug movies
    - James Arness is a tall glass of water
    - those giant ants looked kinda cute actually
    - surprisingly dark and serious for a fifties giant bug movie.
    - the most unrealistic part was when the government people listened and took advice from a scientist. Unheard of.
    - I'm very tired of the "don't tell the people, they'll panic" trope that's in every single one of these creature features.